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Looking for the perfect new home in to support you in your next chapter?


Sometimes it’s not about getting something bigger and more expensive. Sometimes, it’s quite the opposite.


Now that you no longer need the extra rooms and storage, you want a home that doesn’t hamper your life with hefty expenses or burdensome maintenance.


Most importantly, you want this transition to be a painless and stress-free experience so that you can move on to your next chapter with confidence.


We can help.


At OW Auction Group LLC, our team consists of professional market experts, advocates, educators, and negotiators who work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals.


We want every client to feel as if they are our only client, so we serve with purpose in mind and remain focused on your goals from start to finish.


This is why our clients have trusted us with 100+ transactions and over $40 million in sales. Our job is to help guide you step-by-step through this major life event so that you can live with the sense of freedom and security you deserve.


What to Expect with OW Auction Group & Realty Team:


  • Initial Phone Call

We will cover your goals and our process for helping you achieve them. If it’s the right fit, we’ll schedule your Strategic Home Search Consultation.


  • Strategic Home Search Consultation

In approximately 90 minutes (in-person or virtually), we will revisit your goals in detail, give you a brief overview of our team, and discuss what to expect throughout the buying process. Lastly, we’ll outline our step-by-step strategy for getting you into your ideal home for the best possible price. This will include financing options, contracts, local market stats, and legal paperwork.


  • The Hunt Begins

This is the fun part! We want you to be involved in every step along the way. We start by providing you with industry-leading tools to aid us in the search for your new home. These tools provide you with the ability to collect and organize your favorite properties so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities. With your criteria in mind, we’ll home in on the best available options and start visiting properties.


  • Contract to Close

Congratulations, you’ve found your new home! Now, we’ll employ our expert negotiation skills to secure a contract with the best possible terms. Additionally, our dedicated concierge service will help make this transition a breeze by helping you with the logistics of your move.


This an exciting time, and you deserve a team of experienced professionals to keep it that way. As you prepare for this move, you deserve to understand the process and what it takes to make a successful transition.


Call today for your Initial Consultation –> 630-920-2115


Tell us about your goals for this move, and we’ll explain our process for helping you find and secure the perfect new home. If it feels like we are the right fit, we can discuss how to get started.


Call today –> 630-920-2115


To your success!